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Recover windows 8, 8.1, 10 passwords

Since the release of Windows 8, Microsoft basically forces you to make a Microsoft account to use when logging into your computer during setup. A lot of people do not notice the fine print at the bottom to create a local account instead that allows you to login without a password.

If your have a Microsoft account as your login you will see your email address below your user name at the login screen. If there isn’t an email address shown that means you have a local account.

If you have a Microsoft account and forget your password you can easily reset it by going to the following link:
Microsoft account recovery
This method is for Windows 8, 8.1, and 10

If you have a local account then it’s not as easy for most users to remove their forgotten password and could cause damage to the operating system if not done right. However we have much experience with it and we can safely remove it for you. We can also get around the Microsoft accounts if the above method doesn’t work, but I would try the method above first when dealing with a Microsoft account that is linked to your login/computer.

I hope this easy solution I have provided helps anyone with this increasingly annoyance, and saves you some money.